How Africans Enlarge Their Penises. You Too Can

How Africans Enlarge Their Penises – You Too Can
Some tribes in Southern Sudan and many parts of East Africa have longer than normal penises. They achieve this fit through the usage of a herb locally known as ‘Entengo’ and exercising the penis. In fact women in these parts of the world completely despise men from other parts of the world because of their normally small penises as compared to the local men.
A penis as you may know is a muscle. Like all muscles in the body it grows naturally up to a certain size and does not continue to grow naturally unless if you exercise it or use other means. In the sports world, sports men use gyms to exercise their muscles. You can see them at a distance that, that person is a sports man. This is also true with your penis. You can exercise it and women will see at a distance and know that penis is different from what they usually see.
People from East Africa and Southern Sudan since time immemorial realized that a human penis can only grow as long. So, like other societies in Africa that cicurmcise their male and female, these other African societies have this ritual of helping their male grow their penises to longer than normal sizes, both in length and girth.
These societies achieve this fit by combining a herb that grows naturally in their societies known as the ‘Entengo’ and combine this with an exercise regime known as the ‘jelqing’. The ‘Entengo’ herb targets the blood circulation into the penis increasing it tremendously. Whenever a man or boy gets an erection the penis receives more than the normal circulation of blood. When this happens the penis is forced to tear by this more than normal flow of blood. When the tissues of the penis tear they never go back to the old size. The penis takes on a new size. You can imagine how many erections you get a day! Within a month of using the ‘Entengo’ herb you will be able to see a distinct difference in size.
If you combine the herb and exercising the penis it even achieves the new dimension even faster. The exercising regime is known ‘jelqing’. ‘Jelqing’ is milking your penis in a strocking format. You pull your penis which must be in a semi erect state in a fashion similar to how a cow is milked. No force should be used, the process must be gentle and not over exuberant. This process helps the penis tear and increase in girth and length.
The ‘Entengo’ herb and ‘jelqing’ combined have been used in African societies since time immemorial and men in these societies have longer than normal penises. In actual fact women in these societies would be disappointed if they ever slept with men from most other parts of the world.
One thing for sure is that you can use the ‘Entengo’ herb and ‘jelqing’ at any time in your life and you will be able to achieve a new penis size.
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If You Have a Small Penis You Girlfriend Will Cheat on You – Get Help Immediately

Your girlfriend will cheat on you because she does not get satisfaction from your sex thanks to your small penis. It does not matter whether you are rich or poor. She is going to take the risk of cheating, she is human. Humans need sexual satisfaction, if they can not get it at home they will definitely get it outside the home. That is a guarantee. It is a very painful fact.

Women like men want to get satisfaction out of their relationships. women like men are looking for love. They are looking for care. They are looking for companionship and above all they are looking for sexual satisfaction. If one of the ingredients of a relationship is not there especially the sexual satisfaction your woman is going to cheat sooner other later.

What causes this cheating is that appetite for sex you arouse in her but never satisfy because you have a small penis. It does not touch every bit of her inside, leaving her yearning for more regrettably in vain.

A small penis unless treated with herbs and or exercises will not grow bigger. This is a fact your girlfriend knows. She starts wondering whether she is going to go through all her sexually active life dissatisfied. She listens to her peers discussing their bedroom stories and she goes wild. She wonders why she can not get that satisfaction too? The only easy alternative is to try to look for the satisfaction outside the home, thus the cheating. That is the painful truth.

But, this situation can be remedied in two ways by the right African traditional healer. Either he will give you the right herb such as the ‘Entego’ that helps with penis growth or you can lock your woman that no one can penetrate her. Any man other you who tries to penetrate her will not get an erection. Some traditional healers can even do worse tricks, in Uganda recently a cheating man slept with some other man’s wife and died on top of her. The husband of the woman confessed that he had seen a traditional healer and sought help to finish off this man with loose morals. This is a true story. You too can get help, it is your choice.

Many people who have sought out help get it. Your search has come to an end if you trully need a change with your penis and love life. Do you really need your penis to change? Are you sure? For more information contact on Dr Jafar +256 783254601 or use What’s up or viber

55 thoughts on “How Africans Enlarge Their Penises. You Too Can

  1. My Manhood is very strong when ready for action but its size is very discouraging as i can sense from my play mates. How do i get it bigger and longer. is it posible to develop from 5 inches to 9 inches or more? Please tell me how i can reach you and the medicine can reach me

    1. ROBERT says:


  2. I do notice, and do pick up a certain degree of disappointment when having sex with my wife. My penis is roughly 5 to 6 inches in length when erect.
    I actively seek this Entengo herb and would be very Greatful for your assistance,

  3. SN Sarfraj Ahmed says:

    I’m Indian I’m about 4.6 inches in leanth and 4 inch in girth. I really need this herb sir . I hope you will help me . from where can i get this herb??? Plz reply me sir




  5. Norman D says:

    Hi dr. I need my manhood to be bigger plz help been looking for herbs to help me get big plz let m knw how i cn get ths entengo

  6. Moss says:

    Hi Dr! How do I get this treatment because I really need it. I need too enlarge and my manhood is getting tired and can’t feel mr erection at time in fact it is very week….

  7. Joseph says:

    I have a small penis and my girlfriend always complains about the size so am kindly seeking help to enlarge my penis..

  8. Sudipto Chakraborty says:

    Hi Doc I am also looking forward to get the herb Entego to increase the size of my penis! Plz help

  9. prince Adebayo says:

    I live in Nigeria I need fact burner and entengo drug that I can take that will increase my man hood and I also want to be selling it for you in my country you can call me or WhatsApp me on +2348028734000

  10. Toasted Cheese says:

    I am in South Africa and urgently require the herb. My husband is not well endowed (small actually) and thus does not satisfy me sexually through penetration, However, I cannot let my him know that I wish he was bigger, as I deeply respect him and do not want to hurt his pride. I want to continue my married life with him as he is a very good man, who cares, provides and protects our little family. How do I get hold of this herb, and secretly assist him to enlarge his penis?

  11. I am 24year old young man and having a small penis pls help me get a bigger Panis girls Are just laughing at me this my small Panis so please I need help

    1. randall yon says:

      Sent me the price

      On 25 Aug 2016 11:02, “African herbal science Tighten your Relationship to be stable” wrote:

      > Davin Quant commented: “I 34 and i can’t get it up and I have a very small > penis . even afraid to aproach a lady to ask her out because if things go > well than it leads to us having sex . she will be disappointed . can you > help me out please . how can i get this herb . davinq21@y” >

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