How Do Traditional Healers and Healing Work? Can They Solve Your Problems

How Do Traditional Healers and Healing Work? Can They Solve Your Problems


How do traditional healers work? Do they have a capacity to foresee and solve your problems? Do they understand the herbs they prescribe? You can bet a true traditional healer is a true embodiment of a medium that communicates between those of us here on earth and those that went ahead of us to the land of no return.


Traditional healers do not simply treat the physical ailments of a person, they going beyond that and deal with all causes, physical and psychological. What is the fun of treating a person and he continues suffering psychologically or returns a day after with a similar problem. Sicknesses and problems do not occur in a vacuum. Why do some people attract illnesses and misfortunes and others do not? There must be reasons beyond what meets the eye. That is why we have to give the herbs and consult the ancestors as well, for reasons. The ancestors usually tell us the underlying problems. Armed with communication from the ancestors we are able to give a holistic solution. This ensures that the person is physically and psychologically cured. The solutions we offer are more rounded and much more lasting.


Spiritual healing is not a religion. We do not recruit followers like in religion. We are simply chosen from a group of relatives or members of a community to solve their problems.


Traditional healing practices defer from community to community. South African trained traditional healers throw the bones to communicate with their ancestors. In Southern Sudan we call the ancestors and talk to them. They will come and you will be able to hear their voices. The voices give direction to what has to be done. In some situations direction is given through dreams, directly to the patient.


Most ailments are treatable through well known herbs but other ailments are not easily treatable, so we have to get guidance from the ancestors. This is often true with misfortune, lack of luck with money, jobs and love.


Is traditional healing and healers sorcerers? Well some are, but many are not. A true traditional healer should do good with their craft while witches and sorcerers do harm. However, not all traditional healers abide by this ethos and more than one often blur the boundaries between good and bad.


The based way to get proper rounded help is to show up and sit in a diagnostic sessions in which the ancestors are called and consulted. You shall be able to get solutions and closure.


The natural harmony of the body can only be restored by an integrated and holistic approach. That is where traditional healing comes in. Do not suffer in silence there is hope.

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